Kitchen Trends for 2023

Many experts argue that a remodeled kitchen can add up to $100,000 to your home. As you work your way through design magazines, books, and television shows looking at the latest kitchen trends, do you know what’s best? 

Upgrading your kitchen should include considering materials, color, and out-of-the-box design. Using a mix of these trends while updating your kitchen will give it a stellar look! 

Here’s more on the top kitchen trends for 2023. 



Wood, steel, slate, ceramics, and stone are all materials you should consider when doing a kitchen remodeling or kitchen redesign project. Is it difficult for you to settle on just one material? Consider a mix!

The old also looks great alongside the new. Avoid being afraid to use recycled or repurposed materials in your kitchen redesign. 

Cookware can also be a choice as you consider materials. Your cast iron pans or cooper cookware can add a pop of drama to an existing design

Instead of kitchen cabinets, you can use different materials for open shelving. A mix of materials for updating your kitchen can also be used for oven hoods, countertops, and flooring. 

It’s best to work with a kitchen designer to help you make the right choices!


Kitchen colors are fantastic things to consider for your kitchen redesign and kitchen remodeling project. While white is a classic kitchen color, there are plenty of other colors in the palate that you can choose. 

Perhaps you want to paint your kitchen cabinets instead of installing new cabinets. You might want to choose different colors for the lowers and uppers. 

Black and olive are also hot colors for 2023 for your kitchen cabinets. You also want kitchen colors that complement other areas of your home. 

Choosing kitchen colors also depends on how much light your kitchen receives (both natural and artificial). Will your kitchen require new windows or new light fixtures? 

Out-of-the-Box Design

There are plenty of kitchen designs to consider, including modern, traditional, and even classic. Make a pantry a functional part of your kitchen! 

Add things you will use, including a big sink and high-end appliances. Be sure there is enough seating and enough counter space. 

Most importantly, you want your kitchen to function correctly. If you have large family gatherings or enjoy hosting dinner parties, design your kitchen in such a way that you benefit.

Your kitchen design should look great but also create meals and memories that will last a lifetime!

Kitchen Trends for 2023

Three kitchen trends for 2023 include materials, color, and out-of-the-box designs. Considering these things will help you add value to your home while making the kitchen a great space.

Contact us today, and let us help you design your kitchen. We can make great recommendations that fit your style and help to make it functional. A professional designer will help you consider items you never thought possible!