Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends You Haven’t Heard About

The kitchen is the heart of every home. 

Americans spend an average of 400 hours per year in their kitchens. Kitchen time means quality time spent cooking, eating, and spending time with family. This important gathering place in your home deserves a fresh new update from time to time. 

There are many choices to be made when it comes to renovating a kitchen, and this includes choosing kitchen cabinet colors. You’ll want to choose a color that looks good in your space and with your home’s aesthetic, but also one that is trending and up-to-date. 

Ready to be inspired? Keep reading for all of the latest cabinet color trends! 


Teal is a popular choice for a kitchen cabinet color amongst homeowners and designers. No matter what your kitchen aesthetic preferences arecountry, modern, or contemporarythe rich blue-green color is a show-stopper.

Teal cabinets are easily matched with a variety of countertops, appliances, and hardware. It’s an elegant and calming color that is a great choice for your next kitchen renovation project. 

Kitchen Cabinet


When it comes to kitchen colors, white on white remains a popular choice. White cabinets offer a bright, clean appearance that pairs well with a variety of flooring, backsplashes, appliances, and countertops. 

White cabinets are neutral, allowing for more colorful or bold details. When paired with black, light wood, or dark wood details, white cabinets are dramatic and stylish. Because white reflects light, it’s also great for making small kitchens appear larger.

Sage Green

Green colors are making a big statement in new kitchen designs, and one of the most popular shades is sage green. The color green has a strong connection to nature and health and is known to be calming color, great for the laid-back vibe of a kitchen. 

Sage green kitchen adds natural beauty to your kitchen aesthetic and pairs as well with white details, flooring, and countertops as it does with warmer, richer wood tones. 

Navy Blue

Ready for a bold new kitchen redesign? Try navy blue cabinets! Navy blue is one of the hottest and newest kitchen trends. It’s a chic and elegant, yet eye-catching, color choice. 

Because navy blue cabinets run on the darker side, they pair nicely with white countertops and walls. The navy blue and white color combination make for a timeless nautical feel while still being unique. Navy blue cabinets also pair nicely with both warm, medium-toned wood tones and lighter-colored wood tones for floors and details.

Natural Wood

The natural wood kitchen cabinet trend is not taking a page out of your grandma’s home for inspiration! Instead, it takes the beautiful, warm beauty of natural wood tones and applies it to contemporary and modern kitchen looks.  

From dark-stained oak to medium-toned cherry wood to light wood made from birch or maple, there is a natural wood shade for everyone! Natural wood can also be paired with other colors for a two-toned look. 

Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Follow the Trends

Now that you are aware of the newest trends in kitchen cabinet colors, you have the kitchen design tips to move forward with your kitchen renovation! You’ll love how these cabinet colors beautifully update your kitchen. 

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