Should I Remodel My House or Move On?

Are you on the fence about remodeling a home or just moving on to a new house? If so, here’s a guide that can help you decide.

It’s no secret that no home is perfect. While in the past, the square footage, layout, and location of a home may have been enough to meet the homeowner’s needs, needs can change. For this reason, homeowners can often find themselves dreaming of a home remodel or a new house.

However, deciding whether to remodel or move on to a new home can be challenging and overwhelming. As a general contractor or project manager, it’s tempting to convince your client to remodel as it means more money for you. But, this can adversely affect your business relationship if they realize they made the wrong call.

Hence, in the future, they may not hire you to manage their construction or remodel projects. Instead, it’s wise to lay out all the factors, steps, and considerations that determine remodeling or moving on, so that your client can decide. Here are some considerations that can help your client decide.

When to Remodel

Remodel My House

Before outweighing the pros and cons of your current home, you should assess how its square footage and location meet your client’s needs. For instance, for a growing family, they’ll need to consider whether they can remodel their current layout to create more space. This can be anything from building an extension to having an open plan living room.

Second, you need to assess the costs of remodeling the home. For some homeowners, moving is cheaper, while for others, it makes more financial sense to renovate a house they already have. Talk to your client and identify their budget and expenses.

You can also develop a rough estimate for their remodel to give them an insight into how much they will spend on a renovation. This includes architectural plans, permits, materials, and labor.

Remember, to remodel, you need to realistically configure a house to fit the homeowner’s needs. If the remodels can’t meet these needs, it makes more sense to move on and find a new home that can.

When to Move On

Before moving, homeowners will need to factor in costs for upgrades and repairs to get the home listed at the desired price. Some other expenses also include:

  • Agent commissions
  • Moving costs
  • Upsizing cost
  • Cost of a new home

Many homeowners often focus on making a profit when they sell, overlooking these expenses. Luckily, moving provides more flexibility as your client can easily predict their closing date and moving date. Therefore, if they don’t have the patience for a remodel, which can take months because of delays and unforeseen structural issues, selling the home is a suitable option.

Which One Is Right For You?

Once your client understands all the aspects of remodeling or moving into a new home, they can decide what’s best for them. If they can renovate their home to suit their growing needs, remodeling is a good choice. If they can’t and are willing to hunt for a new home, they should move on.

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