Home Trends That Are On Their Way OUT in 2023

Did you know Americans spent 538 billion dollars on home improvements in 2021? Consider mapping out your home design projects now.

But first, learn about the home trends on their way out, so you don’t pick something outdated.

This is especially important for homeowners looking to sell their homes soon. If you’re ready to learn more about furniture trends to avoid pursuing, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn about how interior design is changing for the better in 2023. No more will you choose neutral nursery colors or minimalism. We have all the details for you to check out below.

Say Goodbye to Buffalo Decor 

Modern farmhouses have been extremely popular in the last few years. People have swapped out typical doors for sliding barn-style doors. Yet, details like buffalo-check plaid aren’t as popular.

Have fun choosing a different entryway decor for 2023.

Avoid Going Neutral

People no longer choose a neutral color scheme for their nursery anymore. Have fun choosing any color for your upcoming baby’s birth. You can choose any color instead of the previous neutral choice.

Skip the Acrylic Accents

Finally, the transparent desks and chairs are on their way out. These see-through furniture pieces provided an optical trick to the eye. This helped to make a space appear larger.

Home trends

Yet, there are newer trends to pursue now, like a pearl core finish instead. Also, people are now buying natural materials like wooden furniture.

Don’t Worry About Minimalism

Homeowners all over the world have been interested in the minimalism trend. They donated decor pieces and art pieces. People have begun to declutter their homes on a whole other level.

People prefer bold wallpapers, bright furniture, and personal decor for 2023.

Skip the Industrial Lighting

Cage and other industrial lighting styles have been super popular for the last while. Today, sleeker and curvier lighting fixtures have become the new trend. Yet, industrial lights aren’t as popular for 2023.

Change Your Matte-Black Hardware

Homeowners have loved using black hardware on furniture for a compelling contrast. Yet, there’s a movement toward metallic tones and shades for 2023. Have fun picking some new metallic hardware for the new year.

You could transform your kitchen with new hardware. Do you want to do a larger-scale project like a kitchen remodel? You need to ensure it’s the right time for this project. 

Start planning your new year kitchen renovation today. You can gather inspirational pictures and ideas, so you’re ready to explain your plans to a contractor. 

We Can Help You Stay Up-To-Date on Home Trends

We hope you found this guide helpful in pursuing home trends. It’s always beneficial to get a sense of what’s coming in the new year and ways you can freshen up your home.

If you’re expecting in the new year, have fun picking a lovely color for your newborn. Swap out the industrial lighting for sleek options.

Need some help deciding on a home renovation project? We would love to help make your home your dream space. Contact us today